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Keep your electric eye on me babe

Put your raygun to my head

Dinosaur Patroller
23 December
I write soft science fiction, low fantasy, and the occasional literary story. The social aspects of speculative fiction fascinate me. I'm a student between schools. I'm an archaeologist who'd rather be studying dinosaurs. I'm an outdoorsman who lives in unending suburbia. I'm a world traveler who's too poor to leave home at the moment. I'm a dad, a polyamorist, a social drinker, a photographer, someone who loves late night drives, someone who still wears silly thrift store t-shirts, and someone who spends way too much time in the past.
abandoned buildings, abortion rights, academia, alternative lifestyles, ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, archery, astronomy, atheism, backpacking, beaches, bicycling, biking, biology, birds, books, camping, cats, chess, chocolate, civil rights, cladistics, collecting fossils, comparative religion, compassion, conservation, cooking, cosmology, creative writing, creativity, cultural resource management, deep time, dinosaurs, domestication, dreams, earth, earth sciences, ecology, environment, environmentalism, epipaleolithic, equal rights, evolution, exploration, extinction, fantasy, faunal analysis, feminism, fiction, folk music, folklore, food, fossils, free speech, frisbee, gay marriage, gay rights, gender, genetics, geoarchaeology, geology, gis, hiking, history, hugs, human rights, humanism, indiana jones, insects, kites, learning, lego, liberalism, libraries, literature, love, magical realism, meteorology, mix cds, mix tapes, music, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nature, neolithic, nightmares, npr, oceans, pacifism, paleoanthropology, paleobiology, paleontology, parenthood, parenting, pastoralism, peace, philisophy, philosophy, photography, phylogeny, planets, polyamory, primitive technology, pro-choice, publishing, rain, reading, research, risk, road trips, rockhounding, science, science fiction, severe weather, sex, sexuality, sleeping, snail mail, social democracy, social protest, socialism, sociology, socks, space, star trek, star wars, swamps, t-shirts, taphonomy, the future, thrift stores, thunderstorms, time travel, travel, traveling, unions, urban exploration, walking, weather, wilderness, women's rights, workers rights, writing, xenobiology, zines, zooarchaeology, zoology, zoos